Opportunity Calling: Multipure Holds Weekly Conference Calls

Multipure holds weekly corporate opportunity conference calls every Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. Pacific Time and 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Hosted by Vice President of Marketing, Kenton Jones, Director of Marketing, Michele Priest, and Director of Distributor Relations, Sherry Clift, these calls keep you up to date with the latest news from corporate HQ and introduce your guests and prospects to a greater understanding of the Multipure business opportunity. Dial in, get connected, and get your weekly dose of inspiration and motivation with this exciting information and recruitment tool!

Corporate Opportunity conference call:

  • U.S. Phone Number: 1.877.366.0711
  • Canadian Phone Number: 1.866.627.1651
  • Participant Passcode: 42439385#

For a complete calendar of events and training, please visit https://www.multipure.com/purely-social/events/.

Interested in a Third Party Endorsement Call?

Are you interested in a third party endorsement call (3PAR) for your prospect with someone from Multipure Marketing? If so, contact us to set up a 3PAR appointment – contact Renee Rendon by email at rrendon@multipure.com or by phone at 800.622.9206.