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Multipure Drinking Water Systems provide cleaner, more delicious, more healthful water whenever you need it, right at your kitchen sink. Multipure’s exclusive Solid Carbon Block filter reduces a wide range of contaminants of health concern without removing the beneficial minerals in the water. This makes Multipure water ideal for everything from food preparation, to cooking, to drinking.

Multipure’s innovative filter technology provides exceptional performance. The proof lies in the products’ certification by NSF International to reduce a wide range of contaminants that affect both the healthfulness and the aesthetics of water. Multipure Drinking Water Systems reduce MTBE, chlorination byproducts, PCBs, chloramine, VOCs, heavy metals, and numerous other contaminants. Multipure Drinking Water Systems consistently meet the high standards and needs of its customers all across the world.

Almost all Multipure Drinking Water Systems include the necessary installation materials, and Multipure filters are economical, long-lasting, and easily maintained. Multipure provides a Lifetime Warranty on its system housings, as well as a one-year warranty on all accessories.

Multipure Drinking Water Systems offer superior quality, innovation, and performance, which means customers always get cleaner, tastier, and more healthful water. With a Multipure Drinking Water System, you always have the right drinking water at hand.

What Sets Multipure Apart

Although most companies that sell drinking water systems make devices that can remove chlorine from water, very few of those companies offer drinking water treatment systems that are NSF certified to reduce contaminants under both NSF/ANSI Standard No. 42 (Aesthetics) and NSF/ANSI Standard No. 53 (Health Effects). Multipure is one of the few companies whose products are NSF certified to reduce such a wide array of drinking water contaminants, including such classes as disinfection byproducts or gasoline additives – contaminants that can get into water sources through pollution or leaks.

Multipure is the industry leader because it is a pioneer in drinking water treatment, and it possesses the integrity and credibility due to intensive internal quality assurance confirmed by the rigorous scrutiny of NSF Certification.