Kenton L. Jones

Vice President of Marketing
& Certified Water Specialist

As Multipure's Vice President of Marketing, Kenton leverages his ample knowledge of the drinking water treatment industry with over a decade of experience at Multipure to lead and develop Multipure's Marketing Department. His knowledge and experience in this industry serve him well in his job overseeing marketing, business development, product development, and Builder support.

Kenton is certified through the Water Quality Association's (WQA) comprehensive examination program, demonstrating superior knowledge on the subjects of water quality, water treatment, equipment installation, ethical business practices, and training standards related to the water treatment industry. As Multipure's first WQA Certified Water Specialist (CWS), Kenton serves as an exceptional Multipure representative and liaison to consumers, Builders, and the industry in general; because Multipure's success is tied so closely to its consumers and Builders, he views them as his highest priority.


To Kenton, Multipure empowers people to improve their lives and the lives of those around them; Multipure's water filtration products enable people to control and improve the quality of their water, and Multipure's Business Opportunity enables Builders to improve the quality of their lives, both financially and personally. At its heart, Multipure is the American Dream, manifest - its success is the culmination of the hard work, tenacity, and vision of its founding brothers, and its success is directly impacted by the ability of Multipure to offer others the opportunity for their success. Kenton envisions the continued growth and industry leadership of Multipure, and believes that its Marketing program will continue to lead others to better water, better health, and better lives.


A native of Denver, Colorado, Kenton studied Broadcast Journalism at Northern Arizona University. He believes in the power of a winning attitude, and in the importance of integrity and personal character - traits best described in Abraham Lincoln's statement, "Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing." Kenton has a passion for outdoor activities, and is particularly fond of physically challenging running events and telemark skiing.