Alvin E. Rice

CEO and Co-Founder

For over 40 years, Alvin Rice has been leading and operating Multipure with his brother, H. Allen Rice. In 1970, at the age of 22, Alvin co-founded Multipure, and in 1975, Alvin and H. Allen developed Multipure's revolutionary solid carbon block filter - an industry leading technology that has yet to be surpassed. Alvin has spent his entire career dedicated to the operation and growth of Multipure, overseeing everything from Manufacturing, to Marketing, to Business Operations. He is incredibly proud to work with family, and has educated his son and daughter-in-law with all the knowledge and experience that he has learned in his years building and developing Multipure. Alvin is confident that this next generation is ready to lead Multipure into a future of strong, continuing growth, innovation, and success.


For Alvin, Multipure is the world's premier manufacturer of carbon block filters, providing superior performance that is supported by NSF certification. It is a company dedicated to helping people, by providing the best quality water available, and by providing the opportunity for success. Alvin sees incredible growth in Multipure's future, and expects that the development of Multipure over the next 5 years will exceed that of the previous 40 years. He envisions Multipure's continued expansion of factories and markets in regions across the world.


Born in the small town of Sylva, North Carolina, Alvin migrated west to join his brother, where he attained an Associate of Arts Degree from Los Angeles Valley College. He appreciates the words of sales motivator Red Motley, "Nothing happens until someone sells something." He admires self-made successes and innovators such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, and takes pride in the way Multipure helps people live longer, healthier, more successful lives. He is grateful for everyone involved with Multipure - employees, Builders, and customers - and treasures the fact that many Multipure employees and Builders have been with the company for decades.

Alvin Rice