A Message From Alvin Rice: November 2023

A Message From Alvin Rice: November 2023

Posted by Alvin Rice - Co-Founder & CEO on Nov 8th 2023

On December 7th Multipure will be celebrating our 53rd anniversary. When my brother, Allen and I started the company, our focus was on providing the consumer with a better source of drinking water than tap water or bottled water. In 1970 people that were looking for a better quality of drinking water turned primarily to home delivered 5-gallon bottles of water in glass jugs. The bottled water was delivered to the home and dispensed from free standing dispensers. It was expensive and inconvenient. The 5-gallon glass bottles were heavy and difficult to replace in the dispensers. We knew there had to be a better way for the consumer to have better drinking water. There was a growing concern about the quality of the water from the tap and more and more people were looking for a better alternative to their tap water. Not only were people concerned about the chlorine smell and taste in their water but there was growing awareness about other chemical contaminants being found in tap water including lead, asbestos, TCE and many, many others. In addition, the discovery that chlorine was reacting with organic matter in the water and forming THM’s which were identified as cancer-causing substances created an even higher demand for alternatives to tap water. In 1970 there were very few filters available to the consumer and the filters that were available were designed to remove primarily large, suspended matter (dirt) and to improve the taste of the water by reducing the chlorine smell and odor. We focused on developing a filter that would not only make the water clean but also remove the chemical contaminants that were of health concern like THM, lead, asbestos, and many, many more. We developed the Carbon Block Filter which has been proven by NSF testing to be the most effective filter for removing the widest range of chemicals of health concern from tap water than any other filter on the market. Today people are still looking for the best alternative to tap water and they are also looking for the best alternative to bottled water. Most bottled water today comes in small, plastic bottles that consumers purchase at their local store or big box store. Bottled water is still expensive and inconvenient. In addition, it has now been discovered that over 93% of bottled water contains micro plastics. Doctors have now found traces of microplastics in our lungs, heart, blood, and brain. It will take years before we truly know the adverse health effect these microplastics have. I am sure that you agree that we would be healthier if we avoided consuming microplastics. Having a Multipure Drinking water system instead of using bottled water is certainly one way of reducing your exposure to microplastics as well as the many other contaminants that are found in tap water.

As Multipure enters our 54th year and we enter the Holiday season, I want to thank you for helping us help others. All the consumers that you have introduced and shared your story with will live a healthier life because of your efforts. I have been blessed to have so many people share my journey with Multipure. I am thankful for your trust in our company and your continued support. I wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday Season and a Very Happy and Successful New Year. Stay Safe, Healthy and Hydrated.

My very best wishes,

Alvin Rice