The Multipure wriggle* Portable Filtered Water Bottle lets you drink your water with confidence, because the wriggle's proprietary portable filter treats many contaminants, turning any regular water into healthful water.


The wriggle Portable Filtered Water Bottle is the next generation reusable water bottle. It provides all the benefits of Multipure's industry leading water filter, in a sleek, portable container. The wriggle provides clean, healthful drinking water from any municipal water source, wherever you go.


Capacity: 887 ml (30 fl oz)

2 Pack - Blue & Gray

SKU: MP212

Single - Blue


Single - Gray


wriggle™ Replacement Filter

The wriggle Portable Filtered Water Bottle is the next evolution of the water bottle. The wriggle filter takes Multipure's industry-leading solid carbon block filter technology, and shrinks it down for portable use.  The wriggle replacement filter fits into the sports-nozzle cap, and typically lasts for a month of daily use.


Filter Capacity: 30 gallons

SKU: W212

*The wriggle has not been tested, and make no claims for the reduction of contaminants of health concern.