Multipure’s Motivational Mondays offer practical knowledge from the point of view of experienced Builder Leaders, providing dynamic lessons on the Multipure business opportunity and teaching you how to grow your business!

Whether you’re a new prospect or a veteran network marketer, connect with Multipure’s Motivational Mondays for a burst of knowledge, energy, and encouragement! Dial in and get motivated!

Multipure’s Motivational Monday conference calls:

  • U.S. Phone Number: 1.877.366.0711
  • Canadian Phone Number: 1.866.627.1651
  • Participant Passcode: 24686656#

The upcoming Motivational Monday schedule is as follows:

Deanna DeLong

  • July 10
  • Deanna Delong, National Network Director
  • Topic: What your water quality report does and doesn’t tell you







  • July 24 
  • Brenda Toyloy, Master Builder
  • Topic: Recruiting, Recruiting, Recruiting







  • August 14
  • Joanne Kraft, National Network Director
  • Topic: Truth in Advertising: Why You Should Choose a Multipure Filter





  • August 21
  • Ahlem Mayes, Network Director
  • Topic: Marketing Multipure Systems to Businesses and Their Customers, Clients, or Patients





  • September 11
  • Carl (Buzz) Thompson and Michelle Brooks, Master Builders
  • Topic: Mindset. Business or Hobby?







  • September 25
  • Will and Gemma McCoy, Executive National Network Directors
  • Topic: How to Naturally Grow Your Multipure Network






You can also find past calls on our Motivational Monday archive at